Protective Coating

Protective Coating Newcastle and Hunter Valley - JH Protective Coatings

What Is Protective Coating?

A protective coating is exactly as it sounds, a type of coating painted on to seal and protect items from the elements. They come in a few different forms and finishes, each different depending on the required level of protection and visual finish desired. Protective coatings combined with high performance paint will protect built structures against environmental exposure, corrosion and UV degradation. An important consideration for protective coatings is to ensure the coating is well adhered to the metal, and that it remains intact or is regularly repaired/recoated.

Different Types Of Protective Coatings And Paint Options Used By Our Team

You can have confidence that the end result of surface restoration with protective coating applied will look brilliant and provide necessary protection from the environment. Each vehicle, steel structure or plant and equipment is painted in a controlled environment to minimise contamination during the painting process.

The results are high-quality finishes each and every time. Each piece of equipment and machinery that passes through our workshop is suitably prepared, primed, and painted to your specifications
Protective Coating Newcastle and Hunter Valley - JH Protective Coatings
Protective Coating Newcastle and Hunter Valley - JH Protective Coatings

Whether you have a single car body to restore, a piece of equipment or machinery that needs some love or an entire semi-trailer to refurbish, JH Protective Coatings can offer the following options:

Industrial spray painting is the preferred technique to paint surfaces of heavy machinery and equipment in the mining and technical industries. Spray painting provides surfaces with a protective coating to prevent rust through exposure to harsh environmental elements.

We provide a variety primer and coating services in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley for metal fabrications in the mining, marine, automotive and transport industries, these include:

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