Facilities & Equipment

Facilities & Equipment - JH Protective Coatings & Painting

Using Only The Best Equipment, Facilities, Tools And Resources To Get The Work Done On Your Projects

The team at JH Protective Coatings stays up to date with the latest technology to ensure that we do our work in the best possible way. Our facilities are well maintained and regularly upgraded, with sand blasting booths, painting booths and tools sourced to be the perfect fit for every unique job.

Spray Booths

Because the range of jobs that we complete varies so much in size and specialty, we have a range of different booths and techniques to fit every job including:

Our industrial spray painting booths ensure a contaminant free, even paint job. It also keeps our team, workplace and environment safe.
Facilities & Equipment - JH Protective Coatings & Painting
Facilities & Equipment - JH Protective Coatings & Painting

Blast Booths

Special blast rooms are needed to ensure safety and proper environmental care, and we generally use enclosed blasting facilities to ensure this. Our blasting booths are adjustable so that we’re able to scale up or down depending on the projects we’re working on. Industrial abrasive sand blasting needs special consideration and safety comes first with built-in ventilation and sandblast dust collecting functions to put our people and environment first.

Our sandblasting booths are built to deliver:

JH Protective Coatings puts a real spotlight on making sure our staff have access to the equipment, facilities, tools and resources they need to do an outstanding job for clients, while keeping themselves and the environment safe. For any more detailed queries on our facilities or equipment and whether it’s the right fit for your job, feel free to give us a call or submit an enquiry online with us today!


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